Zurich police won't detail suspects nationality because it gives 'food to xenophobes'

Zurich police will become the first force in Switzerland to not list the nationality of perpetrators in official communications, saying that doing so only fuels xenophobes.

Announcing the measure, City Councillor Richard Wolff who is in charge of the city’s security department said that detailing the nationality of alleged criminals is “discriminatory”, “provokes resentment” and “merely supplies food to xenophobic people”.

Wolff says that focusing on a suspect’s nationality “obscures the true causes of crime” and cites “poverty, low levels of education [and] war trauma” as examples.

SVP National Councillor, Alfred Heer, says: “This arrangement is a typical communist answer to the question of how to solve the problem of alien crime: It is simply not revealed that there is such a problem at all.”

Susanne Brunner, VP of the SVP Zurich, also slammed the decision, saying: “The Left Demands Transparency Everywhere – Now it is in police reports to renounce the naming of the origin.

“That’s wrong. The population is entitled to receive this information. We are now examining how we can ensure that this continues to happen,” she added.

Welcome to Europe, 2017, where rather than stop crime, law enforcement actively work to cover it up. SAD.