Young Brexiteers take back control in Channel 4 News debate

Last night’s Channel 4 News debate featuring young people talking Brexit didn’t exactly go to plan. In fact it was a complete nightmare if you are a London-based lefty Remainer who has convinced yourself that all young people oppose leaving the EU.

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Instead of youngsters raging to stop Brexit and calling for a second referendum, articulate young people made the pro-Leave case and warned against ignoring the referendum result. Jon Snow appeared increasingly agitated.

This young man was one such example:

There was predictably a total meltdown from anti-Brexit campaigners who paint themselves out as somehow representing young people. Bubble well and truly burst.

The Editor of Channel 4 News responded to the Remoaner tears by revealing that they had stacked the audience two-thirds Remain. How’s that for balance?


Amazing what happens when the mainstream media occasionally dip out of their pro-EU echo chamber.

You can watch the full debate here: