You Berc

The ridiculous anti-Trump tirade from egomaniac Speaker Bercow has been a complete embarrassment for our country, especially when you look at some of the regimes he has welcomed to Westminster. They include the likes of Indonesia, China and Singapore. We await his tirade against the regime of Saudi Arabia, where women are treated as second-class citizens and an extreme version of Islam is exported worldwide.

His claim of ‘racism and sexism’ against Trump, cheered on and applauded by establishment Labour and Scottish Nationalist MPs, was frankly a virtue-signalling national embarassment.

President Trump just won the US election by a landslide. He’s putting in place strong border controls as the American people voted for him to do. Critically, he wants to put the UK to the front of the trade queue, unlike Obama who wanted to put us at the back. And what do the politically correct UK establishment do? Snub him. Well done, idiots.