Yet more migrant boats discovered heading towards Kent

The deeply concerning trend of migrant boats being discovered off of the Kent coast has continued today.

This morning a boat containing nine migrants was discovered in the early hours of this morning near Dover.

It included some youngsters, with a TV camera there to pick up the moment they were intercepted.

Another boat was intercepted by French authorities near Dunkirk this morning, containing a further nine migrants.

This has been going on for weeks now, with migrants largely claiming to be Iranian discovered on boats and dinghies now numbering 90 over the past few weeks alone.

Local MP Charlie Elphicke has said that: “The numbers we are seeing are unprecedented and deeply concerning.”

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Another reminder that illegal immigration is a huge problem that requires a robust Border Force and a strong message that these people will be sent back.

As to what is happening next, Westmonster asked the Home Office whether there have been deportations in relation to those migrants who were intercepted on boats on 14th November and 22nd November..

The Home Office said: “We are not providing a running commentary on the incidents or the individuals involved.”