Yellow Vests out on French streets for the 13th weekend

The nationwide dissatisfaction with EU establishment’s French President Emmanuel Macron has continued this weekend, with thousands turning out for the 13th weekend of protests.

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There has been some violence, with one protester suffering a serious hand injury after coming into contact with a ‘sting-ball grenade’ according to Reuters.

Reports have circulated of an attempt by protesters to force their way into the National Assembly and a police source has apparently claimed there were 21,000 demonstrators taking part in rallies outside of Paris alone.

A pensioner marching for the eleventh time, Serge Mairesse, told AFP: “We mustn’t give up.”

There were seemingly scuffles between Yellow Vest protesters and the extreme far-left as well, in ugly scenes said to be from Lyon.

There is still significant displeasure with Macron across France, including 78% of French voters who want to see Macron change his economic and social policy.

Meanwhile, French support for leaving the European Union edged up to 40%. Things are rapidly changing in France, as across Europe.