Yellow Vests banned from Champs-Élysées with armed soldiers to be deployed

French President Emmanuel Macron now appears to be taking a more heavy-handed approach to the anti-government Yellow Vest protests, with protests being banned from the Champs-Élysées in Paris.

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It comes after damage was done to some shops, with the government set to respond by deploying up to 7,000 troops to guard buildings across the country.

This moved has faced criticism including from an MP for the conservative Les Republicains, Guillaume Larrive, who told Radio Classique: “Maintaining order in France should be the police’s and the National Gendarmerie’s business. It is not the army’s job.”

French socialist Raphaël Glucksmann also questioned the move, saying: “In what European democracy is the army called in to police a social movement?”

He also added: “This shows the extent of Macron’s failure to reconcile the French and to ease the tensions in our society.”

The Local report that on top of the army presence, the police will be equipped with GLI F4 (tear gas) grenades and more powerful ammo for their riot guns.

There is little sign of the Yellow Vest movement stopping however, with reports of protests in nine cities and even rumoured blockades of ports.

Perhaps instead of continually lecturing the world about Brexit, President Macron should focus on sorting out the huge public anger in his own country?