Wyke Farms cheese-maker doubling Somerset dairy, grow post-Brexit overseas market

Britain’s largest independent cheese producers are set to double their capacity in Somerset. Don’t expect to see such positive business news reported on television anytime soon!

Wyke Farms are have been granted permission to rebuild their dairy, aiming for increasing the brand in export markets ready for post-Brexit global trade.

Managing Director Richard Clothier has said: “Our strategy of selling into a growing export market has been very successful; it generates revenue that allows us to mitigate against the risks that a volatile dairy sector and a disrupted UK retail sector may bring. The new Dairy is crucial to facilitate the growth and meet global demand.”

In a statement, Wyke Farms said: “The redevelopment is part of the companies five-year plan for growth which is underpinned by increasing volume and the strategic targeting of specific regions worldwide.

“The company have concluded their market prioritization research; the results of which have been used to develop the Wyke Farms five-year plan for growth, which includes increasing brand presence in export markets in preparation for post-Brexit trade and launching new export targeted products throughout 2019.

“The companies’ audited accounts for year ending March 2018 show that turnover has risen to a record breaking high of £85 million; a significant 26 per cent increase from the previous year with significant investment into world markets and a growth plan aimed to push the business to a £100 million turnover this financial year.

“We have seen strong and consistent sales growth in the UK and overseas despite the challenging retail landscape.”

“The new dairy expansion project, titled ‘Ivy’s Dairy’ after Wyke Farms’ matriarch Ivy Clothier will create a 16,589 sq m state of the art production facility.”

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Great to see a company planning such a large expansion. The future is global which is why it is crucial that the UK leaves the Customs Union and puts in place a fully independent trade policy post-Brexit that allows Britain to represent itself on the world stage and seize the tremendous opportunities that are out there.