'Wrong' Labour MP hits out at BBC license fee increase

The Labour Party’s Kate Hoey has hit out at an increase in the BBC license fee – whilst the likes of Gary Lineker are paid huge salaries by the public service broadcaster. How can that be right?

The license fee is set to rise in April from £150.50 to £154.50, the third year in a row it has been increased.

In the latest set of BBC figures it was revealed that Gary Lineker was paid between £1.75m – £1.76m in 2017-18. Absolutely ludicrous.

Others such as Andrew Marr, Graham Norton and Jeremy Vine were also each earning £400,000 or more for that year. Claudia Winkleman was paid between £370,000 – £379,999.

Labour MP Kate Hoey responded to the news of the license fee rise by tweeting: “This increase is so wrong when the BBC is paying people like Gary Lineker such huge salaries.”

The TV license is a total relic. A compulsory fee for watching the BBC is vastly outdated and surely can’t last much longer. Let people decide if they want to pay for the BBC or not.

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