'World is waiting' for trade deals with Brexit Britain

PM May has revealed the level of interest in trade deals with the UK once the country has left the European Union, with the likes of America, China and the European leaders all keen on sorting agreements.

Theresa May told The Sun that: “It is not just about delivering on that referendum vote, it is actually about embracing the future and going out there and embracing the world.”

She went on to say: “The opportunities for us to go out there to be trading round the world are significant.

“I saw it at the G20 – the world is waiting.

“That was the clear message from leaders from China to the US and others, urging us to get on with it and they are keen to do trade deals with us.

“Outside the EU we can be nimble, we can be innovative. Without the constraints of the EU we can be doing these deals with other nations, and taking those opportunities.”

This isn’t just empty rhetoric but part of an exciting new future. As Aussie Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull made clear, his country are very keen for a trade deal, whilst President Trump has made his desire for a big deal clear as well.

Crazy to think that so many Remainers campaigned against Britain being able to negotiate global trade deals, preferring Brussels to do it on our behalf. Thankfully that absurd approach will soon be a thing of the past and countries are queuing  up to finally deal with the UK direct.