'World class' £19m aerospace campus to be built in Derby

A new major aerospace campus is set to be built in Derby and could be up and running by 2021.

In more positive news that has been reported locally, new aerospace warehouse and offices will be set up at Infinity Park Derby. It is set to cost £19.3 million.

It will include an 80,000 square-foot warehouse and 15,000 square-feet of office space plus 30,000 square-feet of mezzanine offices.

Derby City Council’s Matthew Holmes has said: “Derby is a world leader in transport engineering, and this is a fantastic opportunity for the Council to help grow and enhance the facilities we have within the city.

“This investment will continue to cement our commitment to innovation and growth.”

The building will be leased by Pattonair, with their CEO Wayne Hollinshead saying: “We’re delighted to be announcing our plans for a world class aerospace campus at Infinity Park.

“We are keen to work alongside Derby City Council as a partner in this exciting new chapter for Pattonair, delivering world class service to our customers.

“This new site covers 9.7-acres, doubling our operational facilities and allowing us the capacity to produce more and create new jobs. Should we get the green light, we aim to be operational during 2021.”

Conservative MEP David Campbell Bannerman responded by tweeting: “UK is Europe’s leading aviation country now – far more to come.”

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