Woolfe: 'A class war is being waged across the UK and Europe'

Steven Woolfe MEP has come out and said there’s a class war going on in the UK and across Europe.

He said: “A class war is being waged across the UK and Europe. A class war that pitched the snobby sect of the upper classes against the working and unemployed masses. A snobby sect that thinks the lower classes are too thick, too dumb, too stupid for voting for populists and Brexit.

“A snobbish sect that pitched the rich against the poor, the university educated against those that didn’t go to university. A snobbish sector that bribed and cajoled academics to support the EU, that bribed lobbyist think tanks and corporations with EU funding and subsidies.

“A snobbish sect that today will unleash their cronies cohorts of politicians in the UK parliament to overthrow the Brexit bill.

“Well I hope those cronies MPs and MEPs enjoy their 50 pieces of Euro silver as they dump on the face of democracy and seek to deny Brexit.”

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Too right – the EU is a cushy club full of people who are lining their own pockets off the back of it whilst opposing proper democratic accountability.