Winstone: Second referendum would lead to 'rebellion', UK should 'walk away'

Actor Ray Winstone has warned of a “rebellion” if the Brexit vote is overturned and there is another referendum, insisting that the UK should “just walk away”.

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In an interview with BBC Essex, he has said of Remainer MPs: “Now they’re talking about having another vote. Well, I think there’ll be rebellion. The country voted to leave and that’s democracy, then you leave.

“And you know if the deal ain’t good enough and people are saying its not good enough…if the politicians who actually don’t want to leave keep voting against the government then we’re never going to get an end to this are we?

“It looks like they’re not doing what the country wants, which is not democracy, so we should just walk away.”

The vast majority of Brexit voters want the UK to leave on 29th March as promised, but MPs have now voted for a delay. Bad for the government, bad for Parliament and bad for our democracy.