Williamson demands more investment in UK Military

Defence secretary Gavin Williamson has demanded more money be invested in Britain’s armed forces after raising the chilling prospect of nuclear war.

Williamson said the country may be forced to use nuclear weapons against hypothetical future enemies if more money isn’t spent on conventional forces.

Directing his comments at tight-fisted Chancellor Philip Hammond, the Defence Sec said that without an effective army, air force or navy, Britain might have to “turn to the greatest deterrence of them all”.

“You do not want to be in a position where your only deterrence against threat and against aggressors is a nuclear deterrence,” he told a conference in London last night.

“We have got to talk about deterrence being full-spectrum, right across the board.

“It is sometimes difficult to explain to people that actually investing in our armed forces is all about making sure that things do not happen.

“It is about aircraft carriers, it is about a presence in the Pacific, it is a presence in the North Atlantic, it is a presence in the Mediterranean and in the Gulf with conventional frigates and destroyers that are able to say that Britain is interested, Britain cares, Britain will protect our interests and our values.”

Can we make him Prime Minister yet?