Wigan latest town to see pro-Brexit protest

Pro-Brexit protests are continuing across the country as the British public continue to urge politicians to deliver a proper Brexit.

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Wigan town centre was the scene of a ‘Protest for Democracy’ this past weekend, organised by teenager Jordan Gaskell. Members of Wigan Borough 4 Brexit joined others from Warrington 4 Brexit at the event.

As Jordan explains: “I organised the protest because many people who voted for Brexit are angry that we didn’t leave on 29th March, but not everyone could make it down to London to get their views across outside Parliament. Our government has had over two years to make a deal and get us out of the EU, but has failed.

“I was pleased to see lots of young people supporting us today – giving us a thumbs-up or saying ‘Good on yer’ as they passed. Our protest was sandwiched between a commemoration for the Spanish Civil War and a Comic Con event, so lots of passers-by were interested in the politics and we even had a friendly Jedi who joined in the protest!”

According to the pro-Brexit group, other youngsters who joined the protest were concerned with EU control and open borders.

A Spokesman for Wigan Borough 4 Brexit said they will now be focusing on the upcoming European Elections: “We  will be coordinating with other Brexit groups in the North West to campaign hard to get Brexiteers elected to the EU Parliament.  We’re looking forward to seeing a huge majority of UK pro-Brexit MEPs win at the ballot box.”

Outside of the bubble there are now regular pro-Leave protests across the country. Warrington 4 Brexit have been out for nine weekends in a row.

As Jackie Leotardi, a member of the group, told Westmonster: “The anger in Northern towns like ours (and nearby Wigan and Leigh) is intense, because we Northern voters feel that we’re being treated as too thick for our votes to count.”

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