Whittle: Trump will shrug it off - but Mayor Khan has hugely damaged relations with our US ally

Anyone who cares about Britain’s future and indeed our relationship with our greatest ally should welcome a visit by the President of the United States.

But on this occasion, we should be particularly grateful for President Trumps straight talking. He has cut right through the acres of doublespeak and outright deception which our own government is currently perpetrating on its own people.

I wonder what he must think when, as a champion of his country and its people, he looks at this incompetent, weak and opportunistic government and its utter spinelessness towards the failing and corrupt EU. The embarrassing spectacle yesterday of a clearly drunk and stumbling Junker at the NATO summit was a perfect metaphor for the state Europe finds itself in.

No doubt the President will shrug off the protests today by the usual bunch of malcontents. But as spokesman for our capital city, Mayor Sadiq Khan has hugely damaged good relations with our ally by tacitly encouraging these demonstrations and allowing that infantile, puerile blimp to be flown in the heart of Westminster.

He has defended this by citing free speech. This is hypocrisy of the highest order when you consider that this Mayor endangers free speech by his obsession with so-called hate crime.

In the meantime, Sadiq Khan presides over a city riven by record knife crime, a huge rise in general violent crime and rape, and one in which a former British Ambassador to the US can be hideously attacked and badly injured while simply travelling on a train.

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Does the Mayor have any idea how London appears from outside his metropolitan bubble? Fortunately, President Trump does, as he stated in his interview today.