Whittle: Puerile anti-Trump balloon stunt diminishes our country

UKIP London Assembly Member Peter Whittle has slammed a stunt that will see a balloon mocking President Trump fly over Parliament during his visit to the UK.

Speaking to Westmonster, Whittle said: “This pathetic balloon stunt diminishes us all, and is unworthy of a country of our standing.

“The Mayor of London could’ve stopped this, but instead has allowed this childish, vulgar insult to the leader of our most important ally to be flown above Westminster, the heart of our democracy.

“What it really shows, in its puerile, infantile stupidity, is the sheer impotence of the anti-Trump protesters, many of whom are not even sure what they are protesting against, and who have absolutely no real arguments. Hence they resort to this kind of stunt.

“Sadiq Khan somehow sees himself as an international figure, one who sounds off on Brexit and the American President, intent always on virtue-signalling to his friends in the metropolitan bubble. Yet he is residing over a city increasingly riven by soaring violent crime and a murder rate which this year overtook New York’s. So Mr. Mayor: are childish political gestures like this more important than the relentless death toll on our streets?”

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The idiots behind this stunt are embarrassing our country. Attacking a US President who is immensely pro-UK and remains keen to seal a bumper trade deal with Brexit Britain….absolutely no logic behind it whatsoever. Another shambles presided over by Mayor Khan.