Westmonster's Steven Edginton Clashes With Remainers On BBC Politics Live

Westmonster reporter, Steven Edginton clashed with Labour peer, Lord Adonis and Times columnist, Daniel Finkelstein today on the recently refurbished BBC Politics Live.

In a heated debate over Mark Carney’s latest Project Fear claim that house prices would topple by a third in the event of a No Deal Brexit, Steven reminded Finkelstein that economic projections should be taken with a pinch of salt.

He said: “They said we were going to lose 500,000 jobs after the referendum, yet we have the lowest unemployment in 40 years! They said house prices would collapse, that hasn’t happened. They said that we would have an immediate recession, that has not happened!”

In response to a quip by Finkelstein that we shouldn’t assume what people voted for, Steven replied: “People voted to take back control of their borders – this was Vote Leave, the official campaign – take back control of the money that we give to the European Union every year and take back control of our laws. The Chequers agreement does not fit that.”

Like the majority of Brexiteers, Steven agreed that “Theresa May needs to go as soon as possible” or at the very least “change her Chequers plan to a Canada-style free trade deal.”

Lastly, in reference to today’s High Court ruling that the Electoral Commission erred in its advice given to referendum campaigners on collaboration rules, Steven said it was now clear that “the Electoral Commission is not fit for purpose”, highlighting the issues that many Brexit campaigners including Veterans For Britain chief, David Banks have had in fighting erroneous accusations by the so-called regulator.