Westmonster talks to Londoners about crime wave

Westmonster is sick and tired of out of touch politicians failing to deal with the violent crime epidemic – they’re so far detached from the reality of the situation, from real people, that they don’t know how to tackle it.

So Westmonster went to the scene of a machete attack in Hackney, and the scenes of stabbings in Stratford and the South Bank, to speak to people on the ground and get their views on what needs to be done to combat this crisis.

WATCH the video below:

The solution seems obvious to everyone living in these knife crime hotspots: More police, more stop and search and longer prison sentences.

People also thought there should be more youth clubs for teenagers to ensure they don’t turn to a life of crime on the streets.

Politicians could learn a lot from listening to these people. What will it take for the government to put party politics aside and take serious action to stop this horrific bloodshed?

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