'Western society can't tackle terror because of political correctness'

Western society is too afraid of political correctness or accusations of racism to tackle the radical Islamist ideology, Maajid Nawaz tells Fox News.


He said: “We’re not willing to fight it. As a society we often are scared of calling out the Islamist ideology for what it is by name. The former President was afraid of naming it for fear of offending Muslims. For fear of racism and political correctness we’re unable to name, isolate and challenge a threat.

“He was incredibly privileged to come to one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Something’s gone wrong with the way we’re advocating our ‘small L’ Liberal, democratic principles. We’ve become scared to say this is a better way of life than the dictatorship that’s in Uzbekistan.”

He’s absolutely spot on. Instead of tip toeing around the issue, the government and society as a whole should be tackling it head on.