Wave of Tory Remainer MPs face 'no confidence' from Conservative activists

The Brexiteer grassroots of the Conservative Party have had enough and are hitting back against hardline Remainer MPs who are refusing to back the UK leaving the European Union with or without a deal on 29th March 2019.

Anti-No Deal Dame Caroline Spelman and Dominic Grieve along with Mark Pawsey, are all facing local deselection bids in the coming weeks, as The Telegraph report.

Collin Boden, a Conservative Party who will submit a motion against Spelman said it was down to “her attempt to delay and to even kill off Brexit”.

Spelman had lined up with Labour MP Jack Dromey against a WTO Brexit, insisting: “We must rule out the prospect of a No Deal Brexit. As 29th March fast approaches, it becomes increasingly clear that crashing out of the EU without a deal will cause chaos and put the jobs of thousands of our constituents at risk.

“We are confident that there is widespread agreement across all Parties in the House that a No Deal Brexit should be avoided. This amendment seeks to send that clear message: no to No Deal.”

It has been reported that Dominic Grieve faces a large number of unhappy members, with a motion of no confidence submitted and due to be debated on 29th March.

Other Tory activists are pushing forward with no confidence motions at the local Association meetings. Guido report that a no confidence bid has also been launched against Sam Gyimah, who sat on a hardline Remainer panel calling for a second referendum.

Leave.EU’s Arron Banks, involved in supporting the activists, has said: “These MPs have ratted on their manifesto promises and are starting to feel the heat from their constituents.”

In their newsletter yesterday to supporters, Leave.EU said: “Supporters of Caroline Spelman in Meriden have been plotting to finalise the agenda for their upcoming AGM and close out any chance for Conservative activists to get her booted out.

“Within 24 hours, a letter had been sent to the branch chairman for a no confidence vote. Hopefully, she’s on her way out. This afternoon, two Leave.EU supporters in Rugby got in touch with us to say they will shortly deliver their MP, Mark Pawsey his P45. If you’re about to send in your letter, get in touch with us and we’ll support you in any way we can.

“Meanwhile – petitions, the other deselection route – are growing at a rapid rate. Eurofanatic MPs Dominic Grieve, Philip Lee, Sam Gyimah, Antoinette Sandbach and Jo Johnson are all about to be summoned to a Special General Meeting where activists will vote on no confidence motions. Simon Hoare and David Gauke will soon receive notices. Nasty Nick Boles has already been read the riot act by his members.”

Two-thirds of Conservative members support a No Deal Brexit instead of a deal and they certainly want to see the UK leaving on time. So many MPs are simply ignoring what their local members and constituents want. No wonder the people are starting to take back control.

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