War veteran 'told to take down Union Flag from garden after complaint'

A British war veteran has been told to take down the Union Flag from his garden after a complaint. What a ridiculous state of affairs when a patriotic Brit who has served his country can’t even fly the country’s flag.

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Andrew Smith is a veteran of the Gulf War and had a six year career in the British Army. He put up the 5ft by 3ft flag in his garden, but a neighbour then whinged.

As Smith explains: “(The neighbour) said to me, ‘I hope you’re taking the flag down, it’s spoiling our view.’

“I can’t see why a Union Jack flag is offensive. Why would you be offended by patriotism?

“We have become soft and don’t want to upset other people, whereas I have done my bit for my country and I’m proud to be British.

“I went to war for my country. It’s something close to my heart and every morning I feel like saluting it. We are becoming weak and spineless. Who are they to tell me not to fly the flag?”

The Derby Telegraph report that the war veteran received positive comments about putting in a pole and flag in his garden, with more than 70 positive comments, but a neighbour was unhappy and complained.

“Then we got a letter from Harron Homes saying they had been instructed by a solicitor that I have to take the flagpole down because it’s causing a nuisance.”

Harron Homes have explained that: “On our development in Hucknall, we were alerted to a complaint by one of the residents about a flagpole in the garden of an adjacent property.

“The restrictive covenant signed by all homeowners does not allow for the placement of any structures i.e. flagpoles above a certain height, which could be viewed as an annoyance and nuisance to fellow residents.

“We simply asked for the pole and flag to be removed in line with the residential agreement, due to a neighbour’s complaint.”

So one complaint about a Union Flag flying in a back garden and it has to be taken down. What a ridiculous state of affairs.