Violent protests across France with Macron's popularity at rock bottom

Ugly protests across France initially sparked by ‘yellow vest’ protesters campaigning against fuel tax have continued with French President Macron’s disapproval rating having recently hit a record-high 73%. Macron was meant to be the EU establishment’s great hope.

Paris saw the third weekend in a row of violence, with police deploying tear gas and stun grenades with protesters hurling objects and starting fires.

There alone 133 people were injured and 412 arrested amid some incredibly disturbing scenes across the French capital.

But as The Local report this disorder was more widespread than the Paris with about 136,000 anti-government protesters, including:

  • Toulouse: 57 people injured including 48 police officers.
  • Marseille: 21 arrested, offences included looting and setting fire to a police vehicle.
  • Dijon: 9 arrested for ‘serious disturbances’, 10 police officers and 9 protesters injured.

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Macron and his government are holding an urgent security meeting. Rather than demanding an EU Army and threatening the UK over Brexit, perhaps the French President should focus on getting his own house in order.