Violent clashes between asylum seekers and locals in Germany

Violent clashes erupted between asylum seekers and German locals in the run-up to the general election, in which the anti-Euro party Alternative for Germany are expected to win around 50 seats.

3 asylum seekers were arrested amid allegations of sexual assaults committed against several girls aged 13 to 17 in Hirschaid, central-East Germany.

Local police confirmed the men were of Iraqi and Syrian origin and had sought asylum in the country. Video footage has emerged of violent scuffles:

The region’s mayor said local groups then arrived on the scene and there were more violent clashes.

Angela Merkel’s failed open border policy has seen more than 1 million migrants and asylum seekers flock to Germany. The social division this has created is plain for all to see, even in small, rural communities.

It will be interesting to see whether incidents like this play into the Federal Election on September 24th…