'Very few' returning jihadists have been prosecuted, Counter-Terror Commissioner confirms

Counter-Terror Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu yesterday told a Home Affairs Committee in Parliament that when it come to ISIS supporters who have returned to Britain, “the reality is we’ve had very few returnees where we’ve had a case where we could prosecute” because “I haven’t got the evidence”.

The incredibly worrying disclosure comes after estimates that more than 400 Islamic State supporters who have left England to go to Syria have since returned.

Commissioner Basu told MPs that “a lot of people came back in the early days” and that the “40% that came back quickly are not my concern” but that he was worried about the “battle hardened terrorists” who may have come back or are planning to.

He described it as a “huge concern” and a “big national security threat”.

Westmonster reported earlier this year that when it came to returning jihadists, the government ruled that “a significant proportion of those individuals who have already returned are assessed as no longer being of national security concern”.

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It is terrifying to think that dedicated Islamic State supporters who may have received training in Syria are not only back in the country, but may not even be properly monitored after returning.

Basu confirmed that 80% of live terror investigations underway are Islamist-related – is it any wonder when the country is being this weak?