Verhofstadt: Integrate European defences into EU Army

The European Parliament’s ‘Brexit Coordinator’ and senior MEP, Guy Verhofstadt, has backed President Macron’s call for a full EU Army.

Verhofstadt has gone one step further however, demanding that existing defences forces across Europe are ‘integrated’ into a European Army – making the point with an EU flag bang next to the suggestion, of course.

Writing on Twitter, the EU nationalist said: “President Macron draws the right conclusions from Trump’s ‘America-First’ policy. If we want to guarantee our European security, we need to take our destiny into our own hands by progressively integrating European defence forces into a European Army.”

This comes after France’s Macron insisted that “we will not protect the Europeans unless we decide to have a true European Army,” citing America as a possible threat.

€13 billion has already been set aside for a ‘European Defence Union’, which Jean-Claude Juncker has said must be ‘functioning’ by 2025.

A number of senior EU officials have also shown hostility towards Donald Trump’s America, with German EU Commissioner Gunther Oettinger describing the US President as an “autocrat” and comparing him to Turkey’s Islamist Erdogan and Russia’s Putin. Pretty disturbing all round then.

Hostility to America and increasing demands for an EU Army from those in Brussels? Worrying.