Verhofstadt campaigns with the LibDems in Camden

Hardline Europhile MEP Guy Verhofstadt has been out and about with LibDem Leader Sir Vince Cable today, campaigning for the EU Elections. Barack Obama’s ‘back of the queue’ visit in 2016 didn’t exactly go down well but it appears the EU establishment are giving it a go anyway.

Verhofstadt and the Liberal Democrats were out and about in Camden, with the Euro MEP describing the party as “the strongest” Remain force in the country.

Interesting to see the LibDems hand-in-hand with a man who once tweeted: “President Macron draws the right conclusions from Trump’s ‘America-First’ policy. If we want to guarantee our European security, we need to take our destiny into our own hands by progressively integrating European defence forces into a European Army.”

He also described Turkey as “drifting towards a dictatorship” after government pressure led to the Istanbul Mayoral election result being cancelled and a re-run being forced after the opposition won. The irony…