Vauxhall boss: Brexit is ‘opportunity’, possible new investment

Carlos Tavares, chief executive of PSA Peugeot Citroen, the French firm buying Vauxhall has welcomed the ‘opportunity’ to strengthen the UK’s car industry after Brexit. 

Speaking at a press conference in Paris, Tavares said: “A hard Brexit from UK plants will be a nice opportunity in terms of business.”

Destroying a remain myth that car plants would close if we dared vote to leave, he added: “We do not need to shut down plants. We believe we need to trust the talents of people. They always come up with ideas and solutions we could not imagine.”

His comments suggest that the company is prepared to invest in UK supply chains even if the UK couldn’t secure a deal with the EU and had to revert to WTO rules.

Sourcing parts from the UK would be fantastic for many of our industrial towns that used to supply parts before their jobs were shipped abroad.

It’s good to see the the business world believing in Britain, even if some of our own politicians don’t!