Varoufakis running to be MEP - in Germany

Outspoken former Greek Finance Minister and academic, Yanis Varoufakis, is standing in next year’s EU elections. In Germany!

His European-wide ‘Democracy in Europe Movement 2025’ (DiEM25) will look to become a force, with Varoufakis saying yesterday: “I accept (the nomination) because it epitomises the new trans-national politics we need in Europe

“I call on all of you to join us in this pan-European quest for democracy in Europe, democracy in Germany as a condition for prosperity and authentic democracy.”

He has previously called on Greece to “be prepared to return to its national currency” and described Theresa May’s Brexit negotiating style as ‘playing along’ after the European Union’s “declaration of war”.

“You do not negotiate with the EU because the EU does not negotiate with you. It sends a bureaucrat, in this case it was Mr. Barnier…they could have sent an android, or an algorithm.”

Germany’s European Parliament elections will be lively then. Can’t imagine too many in Brussels will be thrilled to see Varoufakis.