Van Rompuy: No progress on Brexit negotiations until UK agrees on 'financial settlement'

Herman Van Rompuy, former President of the European Council, has weighed into the renegotiation row, telling the BBC he doesn’t see trade talks starting this year due to “insufficient progress” on the EU’s ridiculous Brexit Bill.

“I think most of the observers are drawing the conclusion that at this stage of the negotiations, of course, there is not sufficient progress and if the Brexit Minister says, look these discussions about the bill will last for one year and a half, how can you then say that there will be sufficient progress?”

When asked if he believes enough progress would be made by the next round of talks next month, the former Eurocrat responded: “I’m not a negotiator, I listen to what I hear and what I’m reading in the press. The chances that we are ready in October are in the neighbourhood of zero.”

When pressed as to whether or not he thought enough progress would be made by the end of the year, he replied: “The latest declarations are not reassuring, but let’s hope. If there is no breakthrough, for instance on the financial settlement…”

The Sun reports that he also said that he didn’t know how much Britain would be asked to pay the EU, “but compared to the British GDP, it is not that important”.

These out of touch EU nationalists are in for a shock if they think the British will pay anything near the amount they’re asking for!