US Secretary of State: We'll be on doorstep for UK deal at earliest possible time

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompey has struck a positive tone about future relations with Brexit Britain and stressed that his country wants a trade deal as soon as possible.

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In a stark contrast to the ridiculous hardline tone of Brussels who are said to be refusing to negotiate at all now, the US Secretary said in a press conference today that: “We support the United Kingdom’s sovereign choice.

“However Brexit ultimately shakes out we’ll be on the doorstep pen in hand ready to sign a new free trade agreement at the earliest possible time.”

Alongside him the UK’s Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said the government were “absolutely resolved” on Brexit and keen to seize the “global opportunities out there”.

Time for the UK to finally leave the EU Customs Union and take back control with an independent trade policy, unshackled from Brussels. It’s about time.