US officials 'frustrated with lack of progress on UK trade deal'

There is growing frustration in America at the lack of progress being made when it comes to a bumper UK trade deal.

That’s according to a alarming report in The Telegraph that points to a total lack of progress years on from Britain voting to leave the European Union.

When he visited the UK recently, President Trump reiterated that the “United States is committed to a phenomenal trade deal”.

There are concerns that UK officials have struggled to keep up with the pace of US negotiators.

And the lack of progress is undermining Brexit Britain’s global strategy for new deals across the world, with “chronic” staffing shortages being reported.

But the Department for International Trade rejected this, saying instead: “On Wednesday the UK-US Trade and Investment Working Group began its sixth meeting involving over 100 officials from the two sides.

“It has now covered all major policy areas that needed to be covered before our two nations begin negotiations on an actual free trade agreement. Formal talks cannot begin until after Brexit.

“Only yesterday the International Trade Secretary returned from Washington where he held high-level trade discussions with key figures in the administration, including Ivanka Trump and the US Trade Representative, Robert Lighthizer.

“We are well prepared for trade negotiations with our biggest trading partner. To suggest otherwise is completely and demonstrably false.”

The UK needs to get on with striking global trade deals. That means taking back control with a fully independent trade policy outside of the EU Customs Union. Enough talk, we need to see action.