US National Security Adviser: We're 'ready to go' on UK trade deal

US National Security Adviser John Bolton has added his voice to the ever-growing list of US allies growing frustrated with a British establishment that seems unwilling to uncuff Britain from the shackles of Brussels.

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Speaking from Washington, Bolton told Sky News: “The President has been clear he wants a resolution to this issue that allows the United States and Britain to come to trade deals again.

“The point he has made that I would stress is: people of Britain have voted. When is the political class going to give effect to that vote?”

Referring specifically to the potential for a post-Brexit comprehensive free trade deal between the United Kingdom and the United States, Bolton insisted: “We are ready to go. We want to partner with a newly independent Britain!

“Trade Minister Liam Fox would be welcome here; any member of the government would be welcome here, we can do these deals quickly. We are ready to go. We want to partner with a newly independent Britain.”

Bolton, who is also the former US Ambassador to the UK, follows the significant intervention of Donald Trump Jr. who yesterday evening penned his thoughts for The Telegraph, telling readers Theresa May should have followed his father’s advice on the Brexit negotiations but now “with the deadline fast approaching, it appears that democracy in the UK is all but dead”.

He added: “What we’re seeing now in Washington, London and Brussels is the desperate, last-gasp attempt by those previously in power to cling on to what was once theirs in the face of an overwhelming mandate for change.”

Britain’s friends from across the pond can see the great potential for our two nations after Brexit. Why can’t our own politicians see it and be willing to implement the will of 17.4 million Leave voters?

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