US Ambassador: UK Special Relationship 'more important than ever'

The US Ambassador, Woody Johnson, has once again spoken out on the importance of his country’s special relationship with the UK post-Brexit.

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Speaking to the BBC this morning, Ambassador Johnson said of Brexit: “I have confidence that whatever way you decide to go that the U.S. and our special relationship will continue and prosper, no matter what.”

Asked about the potential for the UK to leave the EU without a deal, he said: “In any situation I know that our two countries have to be together in this free world. There’s a lot of danger out there, so our relationship is more important now than ever whatever happens with Brexit.”

Woody Johnson has been consistently optimistic about Brexit Britain’s prospects moving forward, saying last year: “The thing I want to get out more than anything else is an attitude that I feel I don’t see enough in this country and that is a confidence for where you are heading – light at the end of the tunnel with Brexit.”

He has also confirmed that if the UK puts in place an independent trade policy, it will be front of the line for a bumper trade deal with Donald Trump’s Administration.

Johnson reiterated that President Trump wants a “quick, very massive bilateral trade deal” but that under Theresa May’s restrictive proposed EU deal it “doesn’t look like it would be possible”.

Brexit Britain has a huge, powerful ally in America. The UK must take back control with a fully independent policy to maximise the potential benefits of the special relationship moving forward.