US Ambassador: Take back control and UK would be front of line for trade deal

US Ambassador Woody Johnson has reiterated how important it is for the UK to take back control with a fully independent trade policy, reiterating once again that the UK would be “head of the line” for a deal with Trump’s America.

Ambassador Johnson has written for The Times about how “the United States is ready to get straight to work”, is “enthusiastic” about a UK-US deal and that “the United States is ready to get straight to work”.

Despite the naysayers casting doubt he also talks up the prospects of a mutually beneficial deal: “Together, we have the chance to set an example of what fair, free and reciprocal, win-win trade really looks like.”

His comments come after President Trump described Theresa May’s plan as a “great deal for the EU” but that given it keeps the UK in the EU’s orbit “right now as the deal stands, they may not be able to trade with the US”.

But the Woody Johnson is clear: “If Britain takes back control of its trade policy, you will be at the head of the line.

“America and Britain are two of the most advanced economies in the world. Together we could agree the most sophisticated and ambitious free trade deal ever done – a heavyweight deal that gets the whole world to sit up and take notice.”

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On Brexit, Ambassador Johnson’s optimism has put many British politicians to shame: “I’m super confident about the relationship between the US and the UK. I’m very confident about our future together, I’m very confident about what happens after Brexit.

We cannot allow this potential of global opportunities to be thrown away by a dog’s dinner of an EU deal that limits the UK’s independence moving forward.