US Ambassador: America will stand by Britain throughout Brexit

America will stand by Britain and be a reliable trading partner after Brexit, according to the US Ambassador to Britain.

Woody Johnson said: “Britain’s decision to leave the European Union takes your country into new territory – but you are not heading there on your own.

“The United States is committed to standing with the UK through Brexit. Our position on Brexit is clear. We want a strong and prosperous UK to remain a leader in Europe, and we want both the UK and the EU to remain strong leaders globally.”

He added: “It is in everyone’s interest that Brexit be transparent, smooth, and orderly.

“But whatever the outcome of the negotiations between the UK and the EU, Britain should know you will have a strong and reliable trade and investment partner in America.”

So much for being at the back of the queue, then? One of the world’s largest economies has now officially come forward and called for trade. So have Australia and Japan. Remoaner myths about economic doom seem more ridiculous by the day.