Unilever ditches plan to move HQ from London to Netherlands

Unilever’s decision to keep its HQ in London rather than relocating to the Netherlands has embarrassed Remaoners who promoted Project Fear nonsense about the company.

Reports that Unilever, the firm behind brands such as Marmite and Dove soap was relocating its HQ to the Netherlands caused Remainers to blame Brexit for making businesses move out of the UK.

One such Remainer is Lib Dem MP Tom Brake, who claimed: “Taking us out of the Single Market and Customs Union is crippling our economy” and that “Unilever’s relocation to the Netherlands demonstrates how vulnerable the UK is with Brexit.”

However, Unilever has since reversed that decision and is sticking with Brexit Britain for its HQ.

Robert Lloyd, a fund manager at Blue Whale Capital, has said: “There was no serious rationale for choosing the Netherlands rather than Britain.

“London has an open free market and has been a leading financial centre since the 19th century.”

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Remoaners embarrassed yet again.