Unemployment fell by 65,000 in first three months of 2019

The UK has seen the joint-highest employment rate on record in the three months to March 2019. Project Fear busted yet again.

Unemployment fell by 65,000 in the three months to March when the UK was due to leave the European Union.

New figures from the Office for National Statistics show that the employment rate was 76.1%, higher than 75.6% one year ago.

The unemployment rate was 3.8%, the lowest since 1974.

And the economic inactivity rate was lower than a year before and close to a record low (20.8%).

Average weekly earnings are estimated to have increased by 3.2%, or 1.3% after adjusting with inflation compared to one year before.

Time to get on with Brexit and ignore the doom-mongers who were predicting Armageddon if the country voted to leave!