'Unacceptable rise' is violent crime in London, Sadiq Khan urged to do more

Sadiq Khan and the Met Police are being urged to do more to combat violent crime after the latest figures revealed a serious spike in offences.

London Assembly Police and Crime Committee data showed there were 157 homicides in 2017/18, a 44% rise from 109 the previous year.

The number of youth homicides also increased by 30%, from 26 in 2016/17 to 34 in 2017/18.

There was a 36% rise in personal robbery, up from 22,479 to 30,609.

Committee chairman Steve O’Connell said: “The unacceptable rise in the most heinous crimes such as murder, street robbery and burglaries is deeply troubling.

“The Mayor of London and the Met need to take urgent practical steps to address these crimes, all of which are a third up from this time last year. Our committee will be asking what steps are being taken to keep Londoners safe and reverse this appalling escalation in crime.”

But the picture is the same nationally as well – there was a 22% increase in knife crime compared with the previous year, making it the highest figures since records began in 2010.