UN: Spain must prepare for huge migration hike

The UN’s refugee agency has told the Spanish government to urgently prepare for the arrival of huge numbers of migrants.

Spanish government data estimates 11,000 migrants will arrive by sea this year – 1,900 came to Andalusia in June alone.

Spain is now the fastest growing migrant sea route in Europe, according to the UN, as the volume of people setting sail from Libya shows no sign of stopping.

UNHCR spokesperson Maria Jesus Vega said: “What is clear is that Spain’s government has to get ready.

“They can’t be caught unprepared. What started happening elsewhere in Europe in 2015 can’t be allowed to happen here.

“It’s not yet an emergency, but you have to take into account that there are no structures here to deal with more arrivals.”

It appears another European nation is about to suffer the consequences of the EU’s appalling migration policy. Their economy is already in tatters, they can’t afford for the mass-migration mess to ruin their tourism industry. Surely it’s time for them to stand up to the EU big wigs?