UN boss: 'We must celebrate mass migration'

António Guterres, the secretary-general of the United Nations has said that the world should ‘celebrate mass migration’ as it “reduces inequalities and connects diverse societies”.

Writing in The Guardian, the UN boss writes that “we must aim for a world in which we can celebrate migration’s contributions to prosperity, development and international unity”.

Later this year, the UN will negotiate a global compact on migration which will be the first international agreement of its kind.

The UN leader makes it clear in his column that the world needs “a clear political direction about the future of migration” and world leaders must “recognise and reinforce the benefits of migration” which he defines as “boosting economic activity” because migrants “take jobs that local workforces cannot fill”.

To achieve this, Guterres says governments need to open up “more legal pathways for migration” and warns countries against “inflict(ing) needless economic self-harm” by placing strict conditions on asylum seekers working rights.

His comments are unlikely to go down well with leaders such as Viktor Orbán, who has consistently argued that mass migration is threatening the Hungarian way of life and is being pushed by “global powers” that “seeks to make European Nations identical”.

With many pro-mass migration world leaders fighting for their political lives *cough* Merkel *cough* it will be interesting to see how far the UN actually get with their agenda. Increasingly Guterres seems to be using his role as a globalist campaigner – he recently warned Americans that Trump’s approach wasn’t good for them. Such increasing interference is pretty creepy….