UKIP: Scrap £10 billion from foreign aid budget

UKIP has challenged the pro-foreign aid orthodoxy of the establishment by calling for the budget to be reduced from over £12.2 billion to £2.5 billion.

As the party today gathers for its conference in Bolton, it has issued a paper that calls out the 0.7% of GDP target for foreign aid and calls for a massive reduction in the bloated cash giveaway.

The paper argues that:

In some cases, aid can arguably make matters worse by perpetuating poor government; limiting the potential for change in developing countries to come from within; and therefore perpetuating poverty. In some cases, aid payments even go to organisations acting in direct opposition to British foreign policy.”

Just as with immigration and the EU, there is a huge disconnect between Westminster and the public on this issue. UKIP would do well to talk about this issue more and more – and how the money could be far better spent here. Charity starts at home.