UKIP push for zero net migration

Paul Nuttall will push for a UKIP recovery on the back of a new pledge of a ‘one in, one out’ migration policy that would see the UK’s net migration go down from around 300,000 to 0 per year.

The call for ‘balanced migration’ would be a drastic departure from the hundreds of thousands net migration seen under the mass migration policy of both Labour the Conservatives.

UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall is expected to say that: “Balanced migration, that is net migration of zero, will still mean roughly 300,000 talented people can come to Britain in a typical year. That is a rational approach to immigration rather than the uncontrolled mass immigration we have seen under Labour and the Tories.”

Taking back control of Britain’s borders is one thing. What policy the government then runs when it has control of numbers is the next critical debate the country now needs to have.

One thing is for sure: the British public want migration cut drastically and so far murmurings from Theresa May on this have been weak to say the least.