UKIP Mayoral candidate abused by protesters 

UKIP’s Mayoral candidate for Greater Manchester Shneur Odze was disgracefully singled out by anti-UKIP protestors today prior to a rally for the party in Stoke.

Whilst entering the Victoria Hall in Hanley, Odze, who is an ultra-Orthodox Jew, was told to “go home” by a protestor as the rest of the crowd jeered at those entering the public meeting.
Schneur Odze: “I was singled out by a bunch of people who showed that they are the real fascists and racists who can’t abide democracy.

“They hold such contempt for ordinary people who don’t fit into their fit mindset.

“Frankly I’m not surprised, as sad as that is. It’s about time they woke up and listened to those with legitimate political views.

“As for going back home, I’m not sure where they want me to go. Salford or Hackney?”