UKIP give Brexit MP Stewart Jackson free run in Peterborough

Peterborough is the latest constituency that UKIP has decided not to run in and instead back the Brexit-supporting MP, in this case Stewart Jackson.

The intervention could be critical. In 2015, the Tory MP’s majority was less than 2,000 with Labour snapping at his heels and UKIP picking up some 7,500 votes.

Jackson is Private Secretary to Brexit Minister David Davis and campaigned vigorously for Leave, including at a public meeting alongside Nigel Farage.

UKIP MEP Patrick O’Flynn said: “Stewart Jackson has been one of the most vigorous campaigners for Brexit in the Commons. He campaigned alongside UKIP during the referendum, helping us to deliver a 61% Leave vote in the city.

“He also showed the guts to stand down from a government job back in 2011 to campaign for a referendum in the first place. At this unique Brexit election we would not wish to increase the risk of him being ousted by a Remainer candidate. I am delighted that the Peterborough branch of UKIP has decided to put country before party and stand aside.”

This development follows news that UKIP has formed a pact with Kettering MP Phillip Hollobone and won’t be standing there either.

Britain needs a Brexit majority in Parliament…