UKIP contender Henry Bolton: We must promote British values and hold terror traitors to account

UKIP leadership candidate Henry Bolton has told Westmonster that those who hold a British passport should understand what it is to be British and that those who prepare or carry out acts of terrorism should be classed as traitors.

“Anybody who carries a British passport should understand what it means to be British. And its not about getting some sort of welfare payments or something like that its about being British and buying into the British identity,” Bolton said, insisting that those involved in terrorism should be classed and dealt with as traitors.

On the security threat, Bolton said: “The jihadist threat is serious and I think getting a great deal more serious.

He also reiterated the need for strong border controls: “We have to secure our borders, we have no national border strategy…even Albania has a border strategy, I know cause I helped write it”, “Massive hole in our security”

On dealing with radical Islam, Bolton is pushing for more regulation, insisting: “We need to ensure rather like a Church of England Vicar that Imams are trained here, funded here, licensed here, that they understand the British way of life.”