UK public spending split sees England pay up and lose out

You cannot really blame the Conservatives for the billion pound deal with the DUP. That’s democracy, that was the outcome of the election.

What is interesting to note is that following the deal, there was a voice completely absent in the debate. Whilst the likes of Welsh Labour’s Carwyn Jones and the Scottish Nationalists took to the airwaves to decry the deal as unfair, no one was on the airwaves speaking up for the English.

The fact is that this new financial settlement will mean that Northern Ireland will have public spending per head of £11,535 in NI, compared to £10,536 in Scotland, £9,996 in Wales and just £8,816 in England, according to figures from The Telegraph.

Once again the English taxpayer is taking the burden without a distinctive voice in the public debate standing up for those in England.

A United Kingdom that continually hits the English in the pockets without even having a distinctive voice in the national debate is one that is likely to increasingly lose public support…