UK officials 'discussing Article 50 extension', Minister suggests could happen

In what would be an absolutely shocking betrayal of British voters, UK officials have apparently discussed the possibility of an extension to Article 50 with those in Brussels.

If this actually happened, it would mean the UK would not leave the European Union on 29th March 2019, something which has been guaranteed time and time again by Theresa May.

Three EU sources have told The Telegraph that such conversations have taken place, with one quoted as saying that although it isn’t government policy: “Until now, this didn’t come up, but we’re hearing it more and more now.”

This rumour would be easier to dismiss if it wasn’t for the fact that Minister Margot James yesterday told the BBC that Article 50 may have to be extended if MPs reject May’s deal.

And Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay told Parliament that it was only the government’s “firm intention” not to delay Brexit by extending A50, far from a guarantee.

It was only on Sunday that Theresa May reiterated, once again, that: “We leave the European Union on 29th March this year.”

Yesterday, Downing Street pushed back by saying:  “The PM has always said we will be leaving the EU on March 29th this year and we we won’t be extending Article 50.”

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Any move towards delaying Brexit would be a total betrayal that would provoke a huge Brexiteer backlash. May has said time and time again that the UK will be leaving on 29th March 2019. That must be delivered, with or without a deal.