UK government requests 'continuous Brexit talks' to break deadlock

The British government is pushing for continuous Brexit negotiations with the hope of breaking the Brexit deadlock – but it seems like it still all comes down to money for the greedy EU big wigs.

Germany is still refusing to let trade talks develop, so negotiations remain stagnant.

But continuous talks would “clear the thicket” and help push things forward, according to a UK government insider.

According to The Telegraph, they said: “Three days of intensive talks is not an effective way to deal with the business, particularly at the end of the negotiation. We need to create an administrative process that gives both sides room to move.”

It seems however that the EU still wants a payment of around £50bn before anything can develop, and Theresa May isn’t willing to pay that until she known what Britain will get for its money.

Things are going nowhere fast. May’s already gone cap in hand to Brussels as well as the German and French governments. Time to seriously consider walking away.