UK dominates European tech investment, £2.5 billion in 2018

Brexit Britain and London in particular continue to dominate tech investment, with £2.49 billion of venture capitalist investment ploughed in throughout 2018. That’s more than France and Germany combined, incredibly impressive.

Contrary to the doom-mongering we see so often from hardline Remainers, investment data published by London & Partners and PitchBook shows firms in London having received £1.8 billion, and £2.49 billion raised by British firms overall.

For context, London’s £1.8 billion compares to venture capital funding of technology companies amounting to £936m for Berlin and £797m for Paris.

Cambridge alone attracted £97m of investment, a very respectable number compared to Zurich which attracted £157m.

London’s Deputy Mayor for Business, Rajesh Agrawal, said: “Regardless of the outcome of Brexit, London will remain open to innovation, talent and investment from all over the world.”

The Permanent Secretary to the Department for International Trade, Antonia Romeo, tweeted: “UK’s tech sector attracted £2.49bn venture capital investment in 2018 – more than France & Germany combined.”

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Bright days are ahead for an independent UK ready to make its own rules and regulations, unconstrained by the European Union. Tech investment is booming in Britain, let’s keep it going!