UK could cut up to 90% of trade tariffs after No Deal Brexit

The British government could slash as many as 90% of trade tariffs if the UK leaves the European Union on WTO terms. Now this is taking back control!

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In what would be a radical step forward for a post-Brexit Britain, Sky News have been told that the the Department for International Trade are likely to seek a cut on between 80%-90% of tariffs on goods if the UK exits the EU without a deal, taking back full and immediate control of trade policy in the process.

The official plan on No Deal trade is set to be published only if Theresa May’s deal is voted down by MPs for a second time in Parliament.

Slashing tariffs means that consumers can purchase goods at lower prices, though the government will also apparently seek to protect some industry by retaining tariffs on cars, beef and textiles.

But some tariffs could be eliminated completely, including on finished food products and farm produce including cereals.

The Economics Editor for Sky News, Ed Conway, has said that the move “would represent biggest unilateral trade liberalisation in British history”.

The Department for International Trade have said that no final decision has yet been taken: “If we leave the European Union without an agreement, our tariffs will need to strike a balance between protecting consumers and businesses from possible price rises and avoiding the exposure of sensitive industries to competition.”

Whilst hardline Remainers seek to scupper a proper Brexit, this gives the public an idea of what taking back control really looks like. A British government making key decisions, unimpeded by Brussels. No wonder so many now want the UK to leave with a No Deal Brexit.

The UK must take back control. Help Westmonster keep the pressure up for a proper Brexit to be delivered.